andrea pabón

is a Chicago based freelance filmmaker and photographer. She received her B.A. in Film-Directing from Columbia College Chicago. She specializes in directing on film over digital and maintaining 35mm and super 16 alive. She shoots digital, 35mm and Polaroid film. Andrea's current ongoing contributions to the film world is in the Costume Department. Her most recent work has been as a set costumer on the Fox TV series Proven Innocent season 1, the Netflix original series, Easy season 3 and Netflix original series, Soundtrack. She has set costumed Chicago features such as Southside with You, Chasing the Blues, Signature Move and Once Upon a River. Andrea balances her life in the film industry with being a dog rescuer in her homeland of Puerto Rico through her organization, Adventure Satos. She's a board member of The Phenom Foundation which provides the necessary resources for rescue organizations across the country. She shoots both photos and videos for animal rescue organizations in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Her latest career venture is writing her first book of poetry incorporating some of her visual work.